The Backbone for Reach Trucks
and Stand up Counterbalance Trucks
Lakeport Metalcraft Inc., a family owned business, is commercializing its first patented product, The Backbone for Reach Trucks (a type of forklift or lift truck).

The company was founded by my late father, and the inventor is my brother. We've been active on this venture since 2010.

The challenge is to find or create a market which generates a sufficient profit to make the venture worthwhile. We followed a disciplined action plan:

  • evaluating and refining the design to ensure compliance with lift truck industry standards (ANSI B56.1),
  • securing protection of Intellectual Property,
  • establishing a robust supply chain and distribution network,
  • creating a marketing and sales strategy to produce the greatest revenue at the least cost.

How's it been going? So far, so good! Visit:

To quote Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain."

I based From Innovation to Invoice on my experiences in bringing The Backbone to market, a success story that is still unfolding as I write.

I also drew on my previous entrepreneurial experiences in the business process outsourcing industry, my first-hand observations from working with successful innovative multinational companies and my extensive research and reading.

This is my dispatch from the entrepreneurial trenches.

My aim is to provide a readable book with the essentials to make you successful and keep you safe. I hope I've achieved that goal for you.

I also hope that by presenting what I've learned, I can make a modest contribution to your successful journey From Innovation to Invoice

From Innovation to Invoice
The Backbone: An Innovation Challenge
When you own the property, you're King. Without it, you're a peon. - Robert Evans, former Studio Head, Paramount Pictures

Management by Barfly: Where are you getting your business advice?

Partners are for dancing.

Build your own castle yourself. Be self sufficient.

Fantasy and wishful thinking ARE NOT business development strategies.

Nothing sells itself! Many people buy UNSLICED bread!

Yes, people CAN live WITHOUT your invention!

If hot cakes sold like hot cakes, we'd all be getting rich selling hot cakes.

Develop the Habit of Attention: Persevere, experiment, fail, succeed and learn.

Measure twice; cut once. THINK! Never mistake motion for action.

If you intend to be wealthy, you must keep what you create. Keep brigands, swindlers and carpet baggers at bay!
Lessons Learned
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